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Our Mission

Ensure every Child in the world is taught entrepreneurship skills

This one simple mission helps solve the education,
poverty and youth unemployment crisis the world is faced with - by teaching the upcoming generation how to create wealth.

Our goal

To be teaching over 50 million K-12 Students by 2022

We invite you to join our cause...


The Harvard Graduate School of Education and the National Foundation for Teaching
Entrepreneurship found that, "Youth who are taught about entrepreneurship show
a positive change in attitude and strong success orientation, and are more likely
to be focused on academic and professional achievements,
aspirations and leadership."

In today’s hyper competitive workplace every worker in business, professional, home or government will need the skills of an entrepreneur in order to succeed. Skills such as:

The Moral and Economic imperative is to ensure every K-12 student around the world is taught
how to think, act and succeed like an entrepreneur

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our Experience

The X-Factor of Learning is kid-driven, game-based, with no teacher nor classroom time required. Powered by the Woogi learning platform (Woogi Connect, Create and Curriculum)


our Credibility


our learning model


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Carl Schramm - Dean (Dean of Global X-School)

Economist, entrepreneur, and former CEO of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a $2B private philanthropic foundation. The Economist named Schramm the "evangelist of entrepreneurship". Schramm stepped down at the end of 2011 after nearly ten years at the helm of Kauffman. The Kansas City Star observed: "Under Schramm's tenure, the foundation laid a geographically bigger entrepreneurship footprint, launching Global Entrepreneurship Week (160 countries, 20k partners and 10 million participants) and leading the nation in entrepreneurship research.” Special Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Policy at the US Department of Labor.

Supporting staff


Scott Dow (CEO)

Scott has been a leader in testing and implementing the use of technology Read More


Walter tak (Technology Development)

Walter has 20 years of experience including Chief Technology Officer Read More


Glen Warren (Digital Literacy Advisor)

Califronia School Librarian Association executive. Orange County 2014. The Read More


Mariann Olson (VP Global Engagement)

Mariann has over 10 years of experience managing multinational Read More


Larry dow (VP Finance)

Larry spent 35 years designing, implementing and supporting integrated Read More


Lambert sikkema (VP Partnerships)

Lambert has been an entrepreneur for the past 35 years. He has been Read More


Nate sawatzsky (Community Advisor)

Nate was part of the founding team that built Club Penguin from a $0 to $700 m Read More


Ray Lemoigne (Academic Advisor)

Ray has been an educator in Canada for 35 years during which time he was Read More

China Office (30 developers and designers)

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